June 2, 2011

Downstream prepares for rising waters

By Michael Johnson, Editor

As the water releases increase downstream of the Garrison Dam folks in the Washburn and Hensler area are watching the Missouri River water surge on by with great force. With it are full sized trees and other debris. The concern is that the force may soon encroach on their properties. While the water is still within the banks for much of the flow towards Bismarck, certain property owners in lower elevations have their concerns. Marlene Thompson, who lives on Riverside Lane with her husband Terry, is one of the many homeowners set near the river. “We thought we were at a perfect spot,” Thompson said. “When we built, we thought there’s no way in God’s green earth will we ever get flooded.” But the water is nearing and has even wrapped around the back side of the homes through a drainage that the river is now filling in. Thompson’s concern was that she is now trying to get flood insurance but was not able to at this time.



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