May 11, 2016

Driver accuses department of rights violation

By Suzanne Werre

There is much more to a recent story that was in the local papers regarding a stabbing at the Black Nugget bar in Underwood, according to Sheridan Matthews, who was much more involved in the situation than he ever thought he would, and he feels changes need to be made at the McLean County Sheriff’s Department.

McLean County Sheriff J.R. Kerzmann disagrees.

Matthews, who has not been charged with an offense, was identified as "another man" in the Underwood News story – he was the man who left the scene of the stabbing with Luke Elias Hottel, who has been charged with aggravated assault following a story.

Matthews says he would like his side of the story told, saying that he was assaulted by a sheriff’s deputy, and had guns pulled on him and his 14-year-old son who had been sleeping at their home 115 Cinder Ave. in Underwood when the police arrived.

"They went in there and pointed guns at my kid," said an impassioned Matthews.



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