December 26, 2012

Early present for daycare center

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

The sigh of relief was almost palpable last Monday night after the city approved giving Comet Kids Daycare $6,000 from sales tax monies to cover back rent and rent through the end of the year. The request for help from the city came back in August, but it took until last Monday’s meeting for the commission to feel comfortable making the donation to the day care. Although nothing is yet finalized, the city is also in the process of trying to obtain the clinic building from the Underwood Clinic Association. If the city owns the building, it is presumed the city may be able to obtain grants that could be used for improvements and upkeep of the building. The day care center recently found itself in financial difficulty following the termination of an employee, the resignation of another, and a reduction in the number of children able to come to the daycare center when the staff was reduced. The board members of Comet Kids Daycare had asked for the city to give them $6,000 to cover rent with the ultimate goal of being able to raise the pay rate for their employees.  If the day care center doesn’t have to come up with rent money, it may be able to look more seriously into giving pay raises to its employees, which would go a long way toward keeping the now full staff.



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