May 28, 2015

EDC looking for solidarity

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation held its annual meeting last Wednesday, with just a smattering of non-corporation members attending the meeting.

In trying to answer why so few people came to the meeting, Underwood Economic Developer Tyler Demars noted that the meeting was rescheduled, so perhaps people had other commitments or maybe didn’t know about the meeting.

Plus, noted others at the meeting, it was a gorgeous night, and people probably thought they had better things to do.

Demars gave a brief update on the UAEDC’s accomplishments for the past year, including helping out new business, The Rusted Rail, helping expand Grimsley’s C-Store and the Underwood Body Shop, as well as smaller contributions that were made to the Coal Bin for its rental services, as well as improvements at the Black Nugget, and helping fund a new truck for the Underwood Fire Department.

Following Demars’ address, he turned the podium over to Common Enterprise Development Corporation’s Bill Patrie, who gave the group some insights on community development.

Community development is a little bit like trying to answer the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg, noted Patrie.

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