May 3, 2017

EDC looks for 10 percent shift

By Suzanne Werre
The members of the economic development group in Underwood are hoping other business owners are interested in re-forming a group that had been strong in Underwood a few years ago in an effort to help the current business owners ramp up the success of their businesses.
The inaugural meeting of the Underwood Business Alliance is set for Tuesday, May 9 at 10 a.m. at the Underwood City Hall.
The business alliance is not a civic organization that will be putting on activities around town, noted Underwood Area Economic Development Council’s Wendy Spencer.
“It’s really about getting the business owners and managers in town together to discuss business issues,” she said.
As Underwood’s economic developer, she’s hoping the business alliance will help familiarize the business owners with the services the other business owners offer, to improve business-to-business commerce.
“It’s really going to be shaped by those business owners,” said Spencer.

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