September 24, 2014

Election ballot down to two

By Suzanne Werre

The special election ballot in Underwood this November will now have just issues for local voters, as one of the issues has been removed from the ballot after city commissioners were advised that they can make the change themselves rather than put it to a vote of the people.

Gone from the ballot is the question on whether Parks and Recreation will be allowed to use its sales tax monies for items not related to the pool. Still remaining on the ballot will be the question whether or not a half cent sales tax will be added to pay for an upcoming floodwater project, and whether or not the city may give retail businesses tax exemptions upon startup.

City Auditor Diane Schell noted that in reviewing the wording for the upcoming ballot, the city’s attorney pointed out the commissioners need only to change the ordinance regarding where the Park Board’s funding, and that it doesn’t need to go to a vote. The commissioners will revisit the ordinance change at a future meeting.

While the question of how to pay for the floodwater project is part of the ballot, the issue of whether the project will be done or not is not in question. It is going to be done – and Moore Engineering’s Brock Storrusten was at the meeting to update commissioners on the progress of the proposed plan, showing them a map of the newest proposed route. It may still change, however, he noted. But he is still hoping to be able to have bid opening yet this fall with a possibility of some work getting started before freeze-up.



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