December 14, 2016

Emergency route outlined

By Suzanne Werre
The two-plus feet of snow that were recently dumped on Underwood prompted the Underwood City Commission to redefine its snow emergency routes so that ambulance and fire department personnel will be able to reach residents, and be able to get out of town.
During the ensuing discussion, the prospect of the city purchasing a snow gate was brought up – an option that had previously been shot down because a snow gate wouldn’t work with the city’s current equipment. That is no longer the case.
“The people would love them,” said Commission President Leon Weisenburger. “You can’t get all of the snow, but you can get the majority of it.”
“Maybe they can bring some up and demo them – it would definitely work better on a motor grader,” said Weisenburger.
While the possibility of investing in a snow gate for the city was part of the discussion, the major part of the discussion was about the snow emergency route.
“We need to add more emergency routes,” said Weisenburger as he looked at the current map of emergency routes.



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