August 18, 2008

Emergency services in dire need of volunteers

Your community needs you. Underwood’s Emergency Service organizations, like many other communities, are in desperate need of volunteers. Current members and new Fire Chief Bob Zietz of the fire, ambulance and rescue squads are hoping that a change in philosophy will bring in some new members. In the past, volunteers joining the fire department have been required to also be on the ambulance and rescue squads, which is no longer the case. “We’re finding some people would like to join the fire department, or rescue team, but they want to stay away from the ambulance,” said Dave Kapanke, who is a longtime member of the department. “It is just a personal preference.” Kapanke said training is required for all three departments. The fire training is about 40 hours and is ongoing while serving as a fireman. Ambulance members have different options, each requiring a varied amount of training. The minimum requirement is that of a first responder and Kapanke said that involves 40 hours of training, which can be achieved over several evenings, or a few weekends.



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