May 22, 2013

Energy industry adapting

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A recent community meeting in Underwood served as a way for Great River Energy’s John Weeda to explain why GRE is seeking to adapt to stay profitable in today’s energy market. Part of the adaptation includes incorporating a special waste landfill into their current business as a way to seek out more funds that can offset the rising cost of turning coal into electricity. Representatives from Washburn, Underwood, Turtle Lake, Riverdale and Garrison were present including city commissioners and civic club members, economic development members and Falkirk Mine, Blue Flint Ethanol and other Great River Energy employees were also present. Each listened as Weeda spoke in analogies comparing the coal-fired power plant energy production to that of a farming operation. Weeda, North Dakota director of plant operations, first drew a picture of how the future of coal power looks.

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