March 12, 2009

Entrepreneurs find outlet for ideas

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Finding encouragement in tough economic times isn’t easy, but for students at local schools, encouragement came when they fulfilled the requirements for their business class. They were expected to create a business, with a business plan included. The business plan included a description and analysis of the proposed business, an organization and marketing plan, and a finance plan. With those guidelines, 26 exhibitors came to the 2009 Young Entrepreneurs Expo from five area schools, Wilton, Washburn, White Shield, Garrison, and Underwood. Previous years the Expo has had 15 to 20 exhibitions according to Expo planner and Underwood business teacher Julie Driessen. She said, "This year has had some exciting growth and the exhibitors have some really well-planned out businesses." The Top Young Entrepreneur Winner was Cameron Scheetz, Washburn, who actually operates his business, Cam Scheetz Lawn Mowing, in Washburn during the summer. He was awarded $125 as the top entrepreneur. Driessen noted that typically the exhibitors aren’t actual business owners, so the judges were quite impressed with Scheetz’s business acumen. One other business, the Faction Corporation made up of two admitted computer gurus, Mick Finneman and Robert Trautman of Underwood High School are considering advertising their business locally to help repair computers and assist the technologically needy in the world of computers.

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