May 23, 2018

Everyone should be remembered

By Suzanne Werre
Just in time for this Monday’s Memorial Day, Elray and Lynette Sondrol of Washburn are making finding graves of loved ones and family members a lot easier.
Just last Friday the Sondrols erected a stainless steel desk with a complete map of all of the graves at the Turtle Lake Cemetery.  Inside the desk are laminated books with detailed information about the grave sites, and they’re cross-referenced so anyone looking for a particular grave should easily be able to find it.
If you know the deceased’s name, that’s easy – they’re listed alphabetically. If you don’t know someone’s full name, but know the approximate date he or she died, you can find them that way as well. And if you have a vague idea where someone was buried, but not much else, you should still easily be able to find the grave, said Elray, as cemetery is divided into sections on the map.
The Turtle Lake Cemetery desk and map are dedicated to the memory of Elray’s brother, Allan, who took a lot of pride in helping take care of the Turtle Lake Cemetery.
“My brother did a lot of work out there,” said Elray, whose family hails from Turtle Lake.
He could find graves using a divining rod, added Lynette. It was a pretty impressive sight to see him grave dowsing in search of a particular grave.



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