July 18, 2012

Falkirk road closure approved

By Michael Johnson, Editor

About nine residents and farmers in the Falkirk Mining area around Birka Church heard about the plan of movement of mining operations on Tuesday at the regular county commission meeting. With their input and commission approval, the mine will move forward with road closures. Randy Crooke and Doug Stolz of Falkirk Mine went over various maps to show the progression of the mining operation. Crooke said that it will require them to close various roads and build new roads to allow for traffic in the area for farmers and those attending the Birka Church. Their plan was to work north from the church as soon as possible. Crooke said there is a square mile section that work will be finished near Birka by the year 2017. Crooke mentioned an alternative route so traffic can continue east to west. “This mine plan will achieve that plan if we follow the sequences that we’re going to go through,” Crooke said. The farmers, including Dean and Sandy Swanson and Dwight Gradin, noted that it was important that they are allowed to do some harvest before construction begins on a road.

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