January 5, 2017

Family avoids disaster

By Suzanne Werre
When a still half-asleep Brooke Weisenberger woke up at around 2:00 in the morning the day after Christmas, she thought she had been dreaming.
She thought she had heard a beep that woke her up, but she decided it must have been a dream.
It wasn’t a dream, but it could easily have been a nightmare.
Fortunately, the high school senior heard the beep again and got out of bed to see what it was.
It was the carbon monoxide detector alarm in the basement going off.
She was the only one of the four family members at home that heard it. She sprinted upstairs to wake her mom, so they could all get out of the house. Dad, Chad, had been called in to work and wasn’t home and wouldn’t be until Tuesday.



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