May 15, 2013

Farmers/ranchers rescued

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The clouds of dirt were rolling Monday morning as farmers were hard at work trying to get the crop in the field on the first 90 degree day of the year. Amongst all the chaos of tractors, seeders and anhydrous tanks, two local farmers and ranchers were able to remain calm while the work was being done for them. For Glenda and Alan Scholl, the work of planting 500 acres of wheat would soon be over as volunteers from Kentucky and Pennsylvania were on the job planting what they could. They were volunteering with Farm Rescue to take some of the worry away. It was a major help for a family who has been down a hand since Alan was attacked by a cow this spring. Alan and Glenda were out checking calves this spring when Alan was attacked by a cow. That cow broke his arm and jaw. He just recently had the wires removed from his jaw and he expects to have the sling off his arm next week. “This is such a relief,” Glenda said of the work of Farm Rescue and other neighbors who have  helped out.

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