August 6, 2014

FD adds new tanker truck

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood Fire Department will be showing off its newest weapon in the department’s fire-fighting arsenal Friday afternoon at 5 p.m., when the newest truck is brought out for folks to see as part of the Harvest Fest.

Some of the fire fighters will be on hand to show off the new rig in the grassy lot behind Underwood Body Shop, and children are invited to have their picture taken with some real fireman gear on. Plans aren’t set in stone yet, but the firemen are hoping to be able to have some water-focused fun activities for the kids.

While Friday’s activities with the new truck are just for fun, the addition of the new rig to the squad’s fleet is for practical reasons. The department is looking toward the future and what is going to be needed as the population and activity in the area increases.

"We have to keep up with things," said board of directors president, Don Paulson. "We’ve got to make sure we can do a good job with the things that have increased in our area . . . we’ve got to keep up with the times."

The new tanker is a 2014 Midwest T3000, with a 3,000-gallon capacity tank. While its primary duty is to haul water, it can also be used as a pumper, pointed out Fire Chief Bob Hovdenes.



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