July 28, 2015

Few attend school renovation meeting

By Suzanne Werre

A partially renovated meeting room was set up for a large crowd to attend this past Wednesday’s informational meeting at the Underwood school. The meeting was scheduled to inform the public about a proposed $2 million addition to the school.

Other than school board or staff members, there were six other people who attended.

That left the school board members and administration wondering if the public is already on board with the project so they didn’t feel the need to show up, if they are definitely against it and didn’t want to discuss it, or whether they’re okay with whatever the board decides. Perhaps nobody had any questions, or maybe people just forgot about the meeting.

"I appreciate the people that came tonight, but it’s frustrating to me to see what we have in this room for community support," commented School Board President Jim LeRoy.

"I’m disappointed in the turnout," agreed Dan Johannes, a local farmer.



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