October 1, 2014

Few attend school tax info meeting

By Suzanne Werre

The uptick in the property taxes asked for by the school for its upcoming budget apparently didn’t cause much concern among the Underwood School patrons, as only two attended Monday’s information meeting held at the school. Including the general overview of the upcoming year’s anticipated budget, and the question-and-answer session, the meeting took just 20 minutes, with only one of the patrons asking questions or commenting.

During his initial presentation, Supt. Brandt Dick briefly went through the budget, outlining why the school needs such a raise in taxes (due to an error in last year’s budget presented to the county) and how much the increase would have been had there not been an error (it would have been just 8.37 percent). He also noted that the board does have the authority levy a 54.45 percent, but instead is increasing taxes 28.33 percent.

When asked how much someone with a $100,000 property could expect to pay in taxes by Garth Zimbelman, one of the two patrons present at the meeting, Dick said he can’t come up with a one-size-fits-all dollar amount.

"It totally depends upon what happened with your taxable valuation," said Supt. Dick, citing his recent column that was published in the Underwood News.

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