October 14, 2010

Fewer delinquent tax properties to go for sale

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The McLean County delinquent taxpayers owing over $4,000 continues to shrink. The amount owed is now at $133,610.99. That amount includes a total of 58 properties that have not been paid for. Twenty-four of which are in Washburn, 22 in Underwood, four in Garrison, two in Wilton, two in Butte, one in Benedict, one in Turtle Lake, one in Riverdale and one in Max. Forty-nine of the 58 are vacant lots. All of the Washburn properties are vacant lots in the Heritage Heights Pioneer Addition. All but one property in Underwood are vacant lots in the Repnow-Mees Addition. "These individuals still have the opportunity to pay all of their taxes up until the third Tuesday of November (Nov. 16)," county auditor Les Korgel said. The minimum sales price at the Nov. 16 sale is the larger of the taxes owed or the T&F value.



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