April 16, 2009

Fifth and Sixth graders become Money Savvy

By Brenda L. Shelkey

The Underwood fifth and sixth graders got a chance to do something that many adults don’t get to do. They got some training in how to deal with money in real world situations. They worked on becoming smarter about their spending and saving by taking a one-hour Money Savvy class during a four week course taught by North Country Bank employee Tina Goven. Elementary principal Barb Robinson had been introduced to the Money Savvy program when she was taking the Invest ND class. She introduced the program to Underwood, wanting to be supportive of the course. She said, "It has been very beneficial for the students." Goven had five years of previous experience teaching the Money Savvy course to Wilton fourth graders. This is her first year of teaching at Underwood and teaching the unit at the fifth and sixth grade level. She enjoys the interaction with the students at this age and began teaching the same four week course in McClusky the beginning of April. "This age group interacts with me pretty well. It’s the first time I’ve taught at this grade level, but it has been a really good experience," said Goven. "They have been asking a lot of questions, and that is good." Her goal is to get them thinking about how money is earned, saved, donated and invested. To begin the course, the students take a personality quiz which lets them know if they are savers, spenders, or in-between. From there, they learn a little history and background of the origins of money. Goven said, "What I hope comes across to them is how to earn money, how to save it, and how they become wise spenders."

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