January 31, 2018

Fifth Quarter – time for fun ‘n games

By Suzanne Werre
Social media – it can be downright anti-social, with everyone sitting with their heads buried in their phones.
Turtle Lake’s Grant Singer thinks he may have found a way to get area youth to be more social, putting their phones away for awhile to get together and play games, eat, and actually speak to one another in a safe environment.
This past Friday night Singer hosted the fourth “Fifth Quarter” get together at the Turtle Lake Baptist Church, inviting youth from Turtle Lake, Mercer, McClusky, Underwood and around the area to come hang out together after Friday night’s basketball game in Turtle Lake.
Singer started putting on the get-togethers this fall during the football season, when he was trying to think of something the high school kids could do after the athletic events – something that would help build friendships as well as give the kids a fun activity.
Coming up with the name “Fifth Quarter” was pretty easy – it just made sense because the activities are typically held after athletic events that have four quarters.
It was easier to get the kids together after the football games, he noted, because a lot of kids had come to town for the game already. It’s a little harder now during the basketball season because the teams might be playing elsewhere and it’s tougher to get back to Turtle Lake. But he’s determined to keep putting on the get-togethers, hoping to hold one once a month.

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