June 13, 2012

Fire department welcomes new pumper, fire chief

By Michael Johnson, Editor

After 36 years of service for the Underwood area, the tired-out 1976 pumper truck will no longer be the main line of defense against minor or major fires. The Underwood Fire Department recently bought a 2005 pumper truck that will far outperform the current truck. Mike Watson, the new fire chief in Underwood, said a new truck and new focus is creating some excitement on the fire department. The department bought the truck from New Town Fire Department, who receives a new truck every five years. The truck is in great condition and came at a discounted price of about $160,000. The City of Underwood pitched in $50,000 towards the cost and the fire department picked up the rest. Watson describes the department’s old truck as a piece of equipment that the crew doesn’t even trust to take on emergency runs. It’s hard starting and doesn’t hold enough water for current standards. While the old model holds 750 gallons, the new model holds 1,250 gallons.



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