July 21, 2011

First Midsummer Classic is instant classic

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Saturday was a scorcher in Underwood as highs reached toward 100 degrees and smoking hot rides from around the area gathered for Underwood’s First Midsummer Classic. It’s hard to think it could get hotter but sure enough, two blocks of main street filled with nearly 90 cars and bikes numbered in the hundreds. A raging thunderstorm moved through Underwood in the early morning and gave way to some extreme heat. For some like Wayne Granfor of Wilton, there was even question if the summer festival would happen. “I had a notion to call and see if it was canceled,” Granfor said. But everything on the schedule was able to go as planned and hundreds of car and bike fans filled downtown Underwood. For those organizing the event it was beyond their expectations. “The car show was a huge success,” event organizer Brian Skogen said. “We had overwhelming support from the community of Underwood. We cannot wait to do it again next year.”

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