December 7, 2016

First snow brings 20-inch deluge

By Suzanne Werre
About 20 inches of snow fell in central North Dakota over the beginning of last week, with Underwood accumulating about 20 inches of snow and forcing school closures throughout the area for three days as winds picked up causing treacherous travel conditions.
The snow started falling Sunday, and by Monday morning there were several inches of snow accumulation, forcing Underwood’s city maintenance workers Neal Repnow and Tom Elgaen outside clearing the streets by about 5:00 in the morning. Tuesday, Repnow was out cleaning streets by 4:30 a.m.
Still, even with the early starts, it was hard to keep up with the deluge, commented City Auditor Diane Schell.
“It’s only two people. Two people can only run so much equipment, and they get called off to help elsewhere sometimes,” said Schell.

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