February 22, 2017

Fischer takes streets folio

By Suzanne Werre
Underwood’s newest city commissioner says he doesn’t plan on starting the world on fire in his new position, but he’s going to do the best job he can for the residents of Underwood.
Derrick Fischer officially became Underwood’s newest city commissioner Wednesday, attending his first city commission meeting since he was elected in the special election Jan. 31. He will be handling the streets/sewers portfolio, taking over for Jim Bailey, who resigned his position this past fall.
He’s talked with Bailey, as well as city auditor Diane Schell, commission president Leon Weisenburger, and Neal Repnow, head of city maintenance, and he’s figuring out what his job will entail as a commissioner, and the commissioner in charge of the streets/sewer portfolio.
He doesn’t have a list of items that he wants cleaned up around town; the city commissioners have done a pretty good job getting the streets and sewer/water issues taken care of with the recent floodwater and street projects.



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