May 20, 2015

Floodwater project starting; clean-up issues still a concern

By Suzanne Werre

Work was set to start on the city’s floodwater project yesterday (Tuesday), with the contractor scheduled to start work on the south end of Underwood.

The work is starting on the south end of town and moving north, noted Moore Engineering’s Dave Wicke, who was present at Monday’s regular city commission meeting.

Wicke said that a project representative from Moore Engineering will be on-site daily while the contractor is working, so "it will be pretty much full-time inspection."

Wicke noted that Moore representatives are still working on obtaining easements from a few property owners. There is a question regarding one property owner on how much property he actually owns, and if an easement is actually needed from him. There are also a couple other easement issues that need to be resolved as well.

Wicke said that as far as Moore Engineering is concerned, the city can continue with the proposed Phase 3 placement of a lift station on N. 1st St. near County 14, but the city can deviate from the plan; although if the city ends up following through with the Phase 3 lift station, it could cost the city more money in additional pipeline.

Later in the meeting, the commissioners approved the sale of two parcels of property on N. 1st St. that resident Todd Heger has asked to buy. The property is adjacent to the property Moore Engineering had earmarked for the Phase 3 lift station.



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