August 20, 2014

Floodwater project takes hike

By Suzanne Werre

The city commission took a couple more steps forward with its floodwater project, approving a city-wide Nov 4. vote asking citizens whether or not the city will impose a one-half percent (0.5%) sales tax to help pay for a floodwater project now estimated at more than $2 million. If approved, the sales tax monies as well as special assessments would be used to pay for the project over the next 15 years.

Initial estimates for the flood water project, which will divert water from outlying sloughs north of Underwood, eventually draining into the natural drainage area south of Borchardt Street, were at about $1.2 million, but with the addition of some internal drainage projects and a lift station, the cost estimate is now over $2 million dollars. However, the commissioners are planning on paring down or even eliminating a couple of the proposed projects.

They already eliminated a couple of ditch projects that were deemed drainage nuisances rather than real emergent issues, and they have definitely approved two major internal projects including an entirely new storm sewer system located at Lincoln and 1st Street, as well as a project in the new Westridge Addition.

A second phase to the floodwater project would include the installation of a new lift station.



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