June 2, 2015

Floodwater project work underway

By Suzanne Werre

The work on the floodwater project began on the south edge of town near the lagoon, but things should be ramping up pretty quickly with more equipment being brought in to start tackling the project.

Neal Repnow, head of city maintenance, updated commissioners on the storm water drainage project, noting some cattails and trees should probably be removed or burned where they’ve started digging in the southern part of the project near the lagoon to clean up the area and make it look nicer.

Commissioner Steve Cottingham also noted he has a concern about the amount of water that will be flowing toward the lagoon, and he was hoping to ask Moore Engineering’s Brock Storrusten or Dave Wicke at Monday’s meeting, but neither was in attendance. Commissioner Ethan Vaagene also said he had some questions regarding the culverts in the area.

Repnow also updated commissioners on other city work, pointing out a couple manhole covers, one on east Lincoln, and one in Westridge, need to be replaced or repaired.

Repnow also informed the commissioners that he had visited with Ron Manchester of Toman Engineering regarding the waterline that leads to the McLean County Fairgrounds as well as a manhole near Grimsley’s.



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