September 20, 2017

Former local weathers Irma

By Suzanne Werre
Hurricane – shmurricane.
Jennifer Weisenburger, former Garrison and Underwood resident who now lives in Casselberry Fla., which is about 20 miles north of Orlando, wasn’t even fazed by the recent hurricane Irma that decimated much of the Florida Keys, nearby Caribbean islands, before moving inland with more than 100 mph winds and rain.
“Still loving Florida,” is how Weisenburger summed up her first hurricane. “I absolutely love it down here – hurricanes and all.”
As she was being interviewed about how she weathered the hurricane, she was driving around because she still had no power, and in a vehicle was the only way she had any cell service.
She had a few days off from her job at Rollins College, she noted, but compared to the area south of her home and work, it was like a walk in the park. And actually, she noted, she spent part of a day lounging around her pool before having to go back to work.
 “I went through a lighter one last year and I heard the wind, and the wind to me, it was just like a blizzard outside,” she said. “I thought, oh, that’s what it is.”



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