January 13, 2011

Fransen continues positive push

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Positive Person of 2010 recognition was started as a way to honor those who have gone above and beyond just doing their job. It’s for those who serve their community and expect nothing in return. The positive person of 2010 in the Underwood News area is someone who regularly serves the people of Underwood and surrounding areas and lives out on the open prairie near Lake Audubon. That person is Renee Fransen of rural Coleharbor. Renee, 53, has been living in the Coleharbor area for 30 years with her husband John, 60, on his family’s 112-year-old farm. Renee grew up a city slicker in Dickinson but soon learned to love the country lifestyle. The two have two children, Carrie, 28, and Brian, 25. They both now work together on the grain farm and they are both active in their community. It’s Renee’s city slicker in her that keeps her going back to Underwood to lend a hand whenever possible.




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