October 25, 2017

From meth to math

By Suzanne Werre
Underwood’s Rich Hollesen understands more than a little bit about the methamphetamine problem in the area.
Seven months ago Hollesen entered the Heartview alcohol and addiction program, that coming after he and his wife Rhonda were arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Since then, both have gone through treatment, and have been drug and alcohol-free.
“I’m in recovery for seven months,” said Hollesen.
Hollesen was a keynote speaker at a recent North Dakota Department of Public Instruction workshop in Bismarck, where he told the attendees how he got himself in trouble – how it started by being bullied in high school, becoming a dropout, eventually landing his dream job, then throwing it all away by using meth.
Growing up in northwest Iowa, he completed 11th grade before dropping out of school, he said.
“All through school it was a miserable situation,” said Hollesen. “It was just a place I didn’t want to be. I missed so many days at one point they took away my credits.”



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