October 15, 2015

Fun, frights Friday’s features

There will be "aaaaagggghhhhss" mixed with "aarrgs" this Friday, as the Northern Expressions Arts Council brings the second annual Haunted House and a Fun House to the Go Loco for Local event.

The NEAC divided the Rose Theatre into two venues for Friday’s event, turning the larger main part of the building into a haunted house, while turning the front of the building into a fun house for kids.

Last year’s haunted house, the NEAC’s first haunted house venture, was a little too scary for some of the younger kids, and wasn’t scary enough for some of the older kids, noted NEAC President Mark Wood.

"The haunted house is bigger and scarier, and the fun house is less scary than last year," said Wood. "I think everybody will be a little bit happier."

The haunted house theme is actually that of going through a house, noted Wood, from the front graveyard through the rest of the house.

The fun house has a pirate/Mardi Gras theme, and is geared toward toddlers through second-graders, noted Wood.



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