January 13, 2011

Garbage, sewer rates on the rise

By Michael Johnson, Editor

While water funds seem to be doing well in Underwood, sewer and garbage rates will rise. City auditor Diane Schell recommended not changing the water rate as the water fund is $16,000 in the plus. The sewer fund is about $4,400 in the negative. A $1 increase to sewer rates will raise the fund by about $4,200, nearly making the fund balanced. Sewer rates were previously at $7 per month and will be at $8 per month for 2011. The sewer rates also went up $1 a month last year. Garbage rates are also on the rise in 2011. The base rate for residential was $14.37 and that will rise to $14.95 per month per household according to an annual raise from Waste Management. The City includes a $.50 increase to bring the base rate to $15.45 according to Schell.

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