January 6, 2011

Give T-shirts new life

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The life cycle of the T-shirt often goes from that favorite-fitting cotton tee to a floor scrubbing rag in a matter of a few years. Or maybe you are one of those who stacks away closets full of T-shirts that you tell yourself you will definitely wear again. In any case, you likely have a T-shirt or two that could have a better purpose in life. Betty Anderson of LaBolt, S.D., saw that there was a great way to use those shirts. She began gathering them up to make sleeping mats for homeless children in Haiti. The earthquake that ravaged Haiti has left much of the already poverty-stricken nation homeless. Something as simple as a soft mat to sleep on can bring great joy to the people. Anderson, along with a group of other women, has been getting together and tying the mats together in their free time. So far they have made 70 mats and shipped 56 of those.




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