August 5, 2015

Golf course cleanup scores a hole-in-one

By Abby Landenberger
Summer Intern

Cleaning up after the vicious storm that tore through Underwood two weeks ago is going fairly smooth for the Westridge Golf Course.

Between 50 and 60 trees went down or were damaged, coating the course with stray branches and leaves.

This may have been an overwhelming sight for Steve Cottingham, Westridge board president. But luckily, members of the Underwood community came the following Friday after the storm hit and began to cut trees and aid in the cleanup process.

"The people were very helpful by putting the word out on Facebook," said Cottingham.

The online cry for help brought even more people to the course over the weekend to tidy up.

Although many of the public’s contributions have helped the course make huge strides, Westridge is not completely back to normal yet.

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