October 8, 2009

Golf course to receive bailout

By Alyssa Schafer

Westridge Golf Course is in need of some financial assistance thanks to lagging membership in recent years and decreased revenue. The golf course’s economic situation is so dire that the revenue from membership fees does not even pay for the groundskeeper’s salary, said Graydon Ash, president of the golf association board. At Monday’s city commission meeting, Ash asked city commissioners to consider helping bailout the golf association. "Our income is down considerably the last two years," he said. "We need $10,000." Graydon initially requested $10,000, but after some discussion commissioners decided it would be better to provide the golf association with additional funds so they can start the next fiscal year with a positive balance. The $10,000 Graydon requested would have covered taxes and employee costs, but not start-up fees for the next season.



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