July 9, 2014

Grimsley’s adding high-flow diesel

By Suzanne Werre

Drivers have been making their way through a bit of an obstacle course at Grimsley’s the past couple weeks, but if the weather starts cooperating more, the obstacles should be cleared up soon, and there will be some new high-flow diesel fuel pumps ready for some anxious Grimsley’s fuel customers.

The two current diesel pumps on the east side of Grimsley’s, located right next to U.S. Highway 83 at Underwood, are still in use, but pretty soon they will be shut off and moved a little further north on the property to where the new diesel pumps are going in.

Grimsley’s owner Justin Adolf is keeping those already-working diesel pumps going as long as he can until he can make a complete switch-over when those pumps will join the new pumps at the diesel island. When it’s done, Grimsley’s will have three high-flow diesel pumps and two low-flow, as well as its regular gasoline pumps.

Adolf says, lately he can definitely see the need to increase the number of pumps at the store, and make them the type of pumps the drivers want, as they’ll be able to add fuel to their trucks from both sides at the same time at a high-flow rate.

"That’s kind of been one of our issues," said Adolf. "With truckers, the more loads they carry, the more money they make; the quicker they fill up is to their benefit."



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