October 14, 2010

Grisham’s biggest fan wants to make you one, too

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Since an early age young Jeffrey Higbie was interested in the legal thriller-style writings of John Grisham. The legal proceedings and system of judgment that he found in the stories enthralled him so much that he even considered becoming a lawyer. Now in his 30s and pastor of Faith Evangelical Free Church in Underwood, Higbie has the opportunity to get others excited about the stories he enjoys. Higbie is a fan of Grisham, literally. He became his fan on Facebook, the social networking Web site, and entered into a contest to be one of 18 people to have the opportunity to prove themselves by marketing Grisham’s latest book, "The Confession." Higbie answered a few questions about how he would help market the book in early September. He said he would use his Facebook account as well as his blog to spread the word. Having a librarian for a wife helps, too. About 500 applied for the chance, and to Higbie’s surprise, he was chosen. I never thought I’d be chosen," Higbie said. "It’s a neat opportunity." As part of being chosen, he was given Grisham’s complete works as well as the promotional material to help spread the word about the new book. Higbie has since donated all his old Grisham books to the Underwood Library.

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