May 26, 2016

Ground-breaking moment at UHS

By Suzanne Werre

It took quite a few years to get there, but Wednesday afternoon, members of the Underwood School board, students, faculty, builders and city dignitaries took a chunk out of the front lawn of the Underwood School in the official groundbreaking ceremony for the school’s new $2 million addition to the east side of the gym.

"There are drawings in my office from 1997," noted Supt. Brandt Dick, pointing out that the Underwood School Board was looking at adding on to the east back then.

The actual work on the project will begin May 31, and should be complete in December.

"So we can enjoy this facility for home basketball games," said Supt. Dick.

The addition will provide a commons area where students will be able to gather before school, adds administrative offices, and increased security for the school, providing a central entrance to the building.

Supt. Dick also pointed out the ways the school was able to cut cost in the project, including a $550,000 Oil Energy Impact Grant, and a donation of concrete from Great River Energy that will be used for the new bus lane.

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