February 15, 2017

Guests galore at ‘Rise’ Home Show

There will be close to 80 guest dancers at Friday night’s Comettes’ Home Show, as the Minot Majettes varsity and junior varsity teams will be performing at the annual show, along with the Comettes and Underwood Just For Kix dancers.
The JFK dancers typically perform at the show, but the big addition to this year’s show will be the performances of the Minot varsity and junior varsity teams.
There are a probably a lot of people who haven’t seen a large, Class A team perform, commented Underwood Coach Suzanne Werre.
“It’s a whole different look with 20 dancers on the floor,” said Werre. “The Majettes are excellent. Their varsity kick routine is beautiful – it’ll make you get a little teary.”
The Majettes varsity and JV teams will bring 32 dancers to the floor, while the JFK dancers will bring another 40.
The last group of guest dancers will bring a more masculine approach to the art of dance, as several of the Underwood High School boys will be “bringin’ it back,” as they team up with the Comettes for a performance.



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