January 9, 2013

Guns: County and country stocking up

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The sales of guns in the country shot through the roof since the shooting at Newtown, Conn. The same is true for McLean County, which has very limited supplies remaining. Several area retailers commented about the gun market and how it relates to current gun regulation talks. “It’s hysteria,” one local gun seller said. He said he’s had at least 30 calls from people looking for AR-15s or AK-57s. But he’s all out. “I don’t think there’s a wholesaler in the country that has any,” he added. “You can call 50 dealers and you won’t find a gun any place.” If you did find a gun, it probably took you longer to get it. With the increase in gun sales, comes the increase in background checks. One local had to wait seven days to hear back on a check. North Dakota saw a 44 percent increase in background checks from November to December of 2012.



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