November 5, 2014

Harbor Angels look to spread their wings

By Suzanne Werre

The Harbor Angels, a fundraising group based out of Coleharbor, is looking for a few more volunteers to step up and help them help others.

The Angels have been doing fundraisers for folks who need some help to cover medical expenses for the past few years, according to Angels President Mike Lehmann.

And they’d love to be able to help more people from around the area, added Lehmann, but the group needs some volunteers to join who can keep them up-to-speed on who actually needs help.

"We’ve really got Underwood, Riverdale and Coleharbor pretty well covered," he said. "But if we want to help people from Washburn, Turtle Lake and Garrison areas, we need a couple people from each of those towns to come to a meeting and join the club."

Those who do step up won’t be signing on to make tons of phone calls or knock on doors for donations. They’re just a go-between between the club members and those who need help, said Lehmann.



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