August 18, 2008

Harvest Fest 2008 winners

Adult Quest: Krist Kjelstrup and Wade Haseleu ($250), first place; Dave Werre and Troy Fast ($100), second place; Cassidy Blotske and Andrew Hefta ($50), third place; Cassie Rink and Michael Fox ($20), last place; Janelle Zietz and Heidi Sem ($20), People’s Choice. Tween Quest: Alexis Hetle, Chailee Berg, and R. T. Hetle. Kiddie Quest: Race Hetle and Callie Berg Horseshoe Tourney: 24 participants and 12 teams participated with pay out for five places. Monty Trondson, Underwood and Bob Boe, Turtle Lake, first place; D.C. Snyder and Paul Sayler, both Underwood, second; Scott Sorenson, Underwood and Aidan Jesser, Minot, third; Jeff Sorenson, Underwood and Jason Ozune, Minot (son-in-law of Larry and Cindy Kerzman), fourth; Jeremy Brandle, Coleharbor and Randy Krueger, Underwood, fifth. Recipe Contest: Desserts – Renee Fransen, Kuchen Bars, first; Dorothy Fix – Chocolate Dessert Bars, second; Jackie Coutts – Chocolate Mint Bars, third. Corn – Melanie Landenberger, Corn Cupcakes, first; Kellie Weisenburger, Corn Salad, second. Appetizers – Jolyn Gross, Carmel Puff Corn, first; Harmony Higbie, Corn Salsa, second. Bread – Rowena Johannes, Fruit Bread, first.



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