July 2, 2009

Harvest Fest plans include new Tween Quest

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Every Harvest Fest takes some planning and the planning for the 2009 Harvest Fest, set for Aug. 8, began shortly after the 2008 fest. It takes help from help and suggestions from community members and fest goers to make the next event a special event in its own right. One suggestion from last year’s Harvest Fest was to make the Tween Quest follow a program similar to what the adult quest uses. Those suggestions have been considered and according to Harvest Fest Board President Jane Rademacher, have helped them make the appropriate changes. She said, "It wasn’t just the adults making the suggestion to make the Tween Quest more like the Adult Quest. The kids were asking if they couldn’t do some of the stations that the adults had set up for them." The changes mean that the tween group will have less running around town. The six quest stations will keep the action in the downtown area for the most part, and will use some of the adult stations, but they will also have a few that are their own, separate from the Adult Quest. The Adult Quest will again have 10 stations. Two-person teams for the adult and teen quests will need to pre-register at Cottingham Insurance prior to Aug. 8. The cost for registration will be $10 for the tween teams and $20 for the adult teams. Rademacher said, "Everyone will receive a T-shirt. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place. Questions about the quests can be directed to Amanda Haselu." The Kiddie Quest will run similar to last year and will follow the parade. Pre-registration won’t be necessary and there is no charge. The youngsters will meet at the tent after the parade and parents are encouraged to supervise and help with the event. Prizes will be awarded at each station.

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