May 13, 2015

Haseleu state’s top insurance agent

By Suzanne Werre

He never saw it coming.

Cottingham Insurance agent Wade Haseleu was presented the state’s top insurance award last Monday when he was presented the Professional Insurance Agents of North Dakota Agent of the Year Award.

Winning the award was a complete surprise to Haseleu because he had been told for about the last month that his sister-in-law, Jessica Cottingham-Hardy, was going to win it.

So he thought he was in on a secret by not letting Jess know. But the surprise was on him, thanks to his wife, Amanda, who was informed by the PIA of North Dakota that he had won.

It’s supposed to be a surprise, said Amanda. So she had to find a way not to let it slip that Wade was the winner.

Keeping the secret was not fun, said Amanda.

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