November 23, 2011

Have it your way groceries

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The idea of giving customers what they want is no new idea. It’s been brought up at more than one meeting of the Underwood Business Alliance that retailers in Underwood are more than willing to try to get what customers want so they don’t have to shop elsewhere. The trouble is many people don’t ask the simple question. Gary Adam at Underwood Warehouse Grocery made the task a little easier by placing little slips of paper by the checkout counter that customers could grab and fill out. The paper asks what you would like to see in the store. If you find it somewhere else, just write down the name and any pertinent information about it. “Make sure to write down a name or number,” Adam said. By adding a name or number Gary can let you know if he was successful in getting the product or if he is not able to get it through his supplier. He can also tell you when the product comes in.

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