December 18, 2012

He had a hand in it

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Friends say the only thing that ever slowed Eddy Duben down was a Sunday morning. The other six days of the week, Eddy was on a run, always working, always keeping busy. Now at 88-and-a-half-years young, Eddy is ready to retire from his post in the city maintenance department at Coleharbor. He’s been working there full-time for nearly 20 years. But he’s not done being busy yet. Folks around Coleharbor, Pick City and Riverdale didn’t meet Eddy until he was 25-years old, but he quickly caught their attention, or rather his work did. Eddy moved from Conrath, Wisconsin to the Coleharbor area in order to use his skills to help build the Garrison Dam. He worked on the dam for eight seasons as a carpenter, building forms and performing other important tasks. The plan to create a dam that could control flows across the nation took a great deal of man power. But men like Eddy were willing to work hard to get it done right. He worked at the site until 1957.



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