October 11, 2017

Heger caps 43 years in zoning

By Suzanne Werre
In a time when finding someone to volunteer to be part of a committee can be difficult, it’s rare to find someone who has been on the committee for more than five years, or even ten. It’s even more rare to find someone who has been on the committee for 20 years. But 40? Unbelievable.
For Underwood’s Piquetta Heger, she figured putting in 43 years as a member of Underwood’s Planning and Zoning Board was long enough.
“I had no idea I had been on the board until Diane (Schell, auditor) looked it up,” said Heger.
Heger added that she has been the secretary, taking notes at the meetings, since 1996.
In the winter for the last several years, she hasn’t been to many meetings because she and her husband spend the winters in Arizona, but then again, there really hasn’t missed much because typically  people aren’t submitting building requests in the winter.
There have been some planning and zoning changes and updates through the years, but doing the job of being on the board and going to meetings wasn’t difficult, she said. What was difficult sometimes was making a “no” decision that wasn’t going to go over well with the resident who made the request.



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