November 7, 2012

Help wanted with city maintenance

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

The city of Underwood is putting out the proverbial “help wanted” sign this week following the resignation of Craig Salhus, head of city maintenance.  Salhus’ letter of resignation was presented at the board meeting Monday night, stating he was giving two weeks’ notice and noting that his last day of work would be Nov. 12. Commissioners quickly set about getting advertising in line for the position, which will be advertised initially in the Underwood News and Xtra, a county-wide shopper.  The commissioners set the final day of accepting applications as Nov. 19, with interviews to get underway shortly thereafter, in the hopes of hiring a replacement as soon as possible. Summer helper Brandon Richter will be putting in a few more hours to help out for a while, but with the snowy winter months rolling in imminently, finding someone to fill the full-time position is a top priority. Former head of maintenance Jerry Radke was also asked to help out not only with whatever work may need to be done in the interim, but also to train in whoever gets the job. Commissioners discussed the possible salary for the position, agreeing that the starting salary could vary greatly, depending on the applicants’ experience. It could range from “$16 to $20, or even beyond,” depending on experience, plus benefits.  Salhus was currently making approximately $33-34,000 per year plus benefits.

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