March 25, 2015

High Plains Waterfowl to start hotel reno this summer

By Suzanne Werre

An eyesore that sits right in the middle of Underwood’s downtown business district will be getting a facelift and complete revitalization soon as the new owners turn the "old hotel" into a High Plains Waterfowl hunter’s retreat lodge.

Brian Womack, one of the owners of High Plains Waterfowl, and two of the many volunteers who will be working on the building this summer, were in Underwood this past week to check out the building.

"The guts are good," noted Womack, but it is going to take a lot of work turning the old hotel into an inviting hunting lodge.

Fortunately, he added, the men who have volunteered and will be volunteering to work on the building are all professional builders and contractors, so things will be done quickly and correctly, using primarily donated materials.

"Our plans are for 10 bedrooms, five bathrooms, with two big common areas," said Womack, Plus a room that will enable the hunters to take an "interactive journey" through scripture, where they will be able to feel like they are actually participating in events that are noted in scripture.

The rooms won’t be full of unnecessary amenities, he added, because the people coming there are coming to hunt and have fellowship with one another -- not sit in their rooms and watch TV.



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