November 14, 2012

Home-based care providers fine with city helping

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

As of the last city commission meeting last week, nothing more had been done as far as the city obtaining the building that houses the Comet Kids daycare center, which is owned by the Underwood Clinic Association. The city, the Comet Kids Daycare, and even the association that is turning the building over to the city, see it as a win-win-win situation. The city may be able to procure some grants for the center if the building is city-owned, which could help with the building upkeep and improvements, the daycare center might be able to raise the salaries of its employees, and the clinic association would be assured that the building is being used by the community, its goal when the association was established. Bob Krumwiede, one of the four trustees of the Underwood Clinic Association which owns the building, says there is really no time-line in place for transferring the building to the city. At this point, the trustees are waiting to hear from the city’s attorneys to check on the legalities of turning over the building to the city. “We don’t really see the future of it ever becoming another clinic again,” said Krumwiede. “We just probably feel it would be best if the city had the control of the building, and maybe they have a better use for it.” Which at this point, is a daycare center.

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